Pastor Alfred Willis

     Pastor Alfred Willis was born and raised in Cottageville, South Carolina.  He attended and graduated from Cottageville High School, where he and Mrs. Lenora were high school sweethearts.  On December 9, 1967, Bro. Alfred and Mrs. Lenora were married. Bro. Alfred’s lifestyle began to take its toll on their marriage and Mrs. Lenora began to realize that something was missing in her life.  In August of 1969, Mrs. Lenora accepted Christ as her Savior, immediately filling the void in her life.  Their marriage, however, did not improve.  Mrs. Lenora decided in her heart that she would do her best to be a Godly example to Bro. Alfred.  Her faithful witness began to have a dramatic effect.  Finally, one day Bro. Alfred agreed to attend a gospel singing with Mrs. Lenora and his mother.  What Bro. Alfred did not know was that between the songs the gospel would be presented.  After the singing was over, an alter call was given and Bro. Alfred went forward and accepted Christ as his Savior.  If you have ever heard Bro. Alfred give his testimony you will know that he got saved at “a quarter after nine on a Thursday night”.  The date was December 7, 1972.  After his salvation, he started attending his hometown church.  To his amazement the members were not as “excited” about his conversion as he was.  Some in the congregation did not understand what had happened to him.  Some said that he had already been saved (referring to when he joined the church).  After a short while, he realized that he needed to find another church to attend.  He started attending Calvary Baptist Church in Walterboro, South Carolina.  It was there that he and Mrs. Lenora began to grow in Christ.  They both were very active in the church and were over the church’s bus ministry.  In August of 1979, Bro. Alfred accepted the call to preach the gospel.  Bro. Alfred was working at the Navy Yard in Charleston at the time.  He began to have Bible studies at the Navy Yard during lunch.  A good friend and coworker asked Bro. Alfred to come to Saint Stephen and preach a revival in the Baptist Mission.  After preaching a week revival, several people asked Bro. Alfred to pray about coming to Saint Stephen to start a church.  After several weeks of prayer, Bro. Alfred felt the call to start Life Baptist Church.  The first service took place on January 4, 1981 in the St. Stephen Community Center.  There were 48 people in attendance that Sunday.  After meeting in the Community Center for a few years, the Lord blessed our church and allowed us to build a building on the property where the church is located today.  The first service was held in the new building on December 23, 1984.  We are very grateful for the Lords blessing on our church and for allowing Bro. Alfred to be our pastor for the past 43 years.   

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